Goodbye to my father

Last month, my father passed away. During this strong emotional period I only posted some private thoughts, remembering this period. A couple of weeks after the funeral, I received following recording of my Godchild Jonas playing for my father a last post. Expressing his feelings during that moment.

I asked him to perform this and am very grateful he did this.

I also want to thank Tomas who was so attentive to take his phone and record the scene.

Tomas was the funeral director of the ceremony, which was executed with a lot of respect.

First schoolday – always a little bit exciting

First of september. For more then 1.1 Bilion childeren it is the first day of a new year at school – only in Belgium. As responsible citizens, we want to give a bright future to all these childeren.

Bright as the summer sun during holidays… lol.

Today, the sun is shining after a very wet summer. This summer belongs to the top 5 of wettest summers since 1833, the start of the measurements.  The record was the summer of 1992.

Since 2000, 10 summers out of 15 belong to the top 20 of wettest summers since 1833. Impact of the global warming of the planet?

This remembers me the message of Patrick Hogan – NASA on the first Foss4G conference in Bremen

We still can do something to control the climate change, but we should act now.

I will not fly to the conference in Portland next week. ( My part in saving some CO2. But this will not be enough. We should do more. And we should beleive that we can make the difference!

If we want to preserve a bit what exists on this planet.

Hello world!

Today we (Matthias and I) installed a new ubuntu 14.04 server with MySQL, Apache, Seafile, postfix and wordpress and I was ready to migrate my old html website to my new environment.

Old homepage picture

Hopefully this time I will be able to post now and then some interesting blogs.
(at least I tweet now and then a comment on what is happening in my environment, and now I have a place to put some more background information to it….)

Have a great reading.

Sunday 31 August 2014