Issuedoc – the fastest way to track and manage issues

Do you need a simple solution to generate, aggregate, and manage issues in an easy way? Don't look further, because Issuedoc(tm) is probably the solution for your problem.


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Today, citizens are able to contact their administration in several ways ranging from visiting the physical administrative centre, over using fax (oh yes!), e-mail, phone and more and more also through a web portal.
All these channels have to be integrated into in efficient management system.
Last but not least, citizens want to be notified when their reported issues are solved or addressed.

While working on the next generation technology platform to handle geo-related problems using thin client technology, the founders of Geosparc decided to use their technology to build solutions for wide spread unsolved problems, and offer them at very competitive rates.
One of the ideas was to build an integrated solution combining the Geomajas web GIS technology, with a mobile client and an issue handling system – Issuedoc(tm). With this solution they offer many possibilities to improve operational processes and new ways to report and manage problems.
With the Issuedoc(tm)  mobile client (web based), people are able to create a geo-located issue, document it with some descriptions and add pictures. It offers a user-friendly, yet powerful alternative for the different channels existing today.
After issues are reported though the mobile front-end, they are stored into a back-end management system, where each issue receives a unique identifier, making it easy for further handling and follow-up.
The back-end system allows for the dispatching and tracking resolution of issues according to a process workflow.
Friday November 21, 2014 Issuedoc(tm) and Sleevemonkey(tm) will be demonstrated in Ghent, to discuss the solution with some pilot candidates to test it.