Open source is becoming a human right in our modern world.
The blog of Dave Bollier mentioned that the volkswagen scandal shouldn't be possible if the source of the software was open.
Open source code is our best protection against cheating and hacking.


Slot ceremony INSPIRE conference: Doug Nebert Award

Dirk Frigne receives the INSPIRE Conference Excellence Award

During the slot ceremony of the INSPIRE_GWF, I was surprised to hear that I was elected to receive the INSPIRE Conference Excellence Award:

Special awards for recognition of excellence in geo-information
Dirk Frigne (on behalf of open source communities behind Geosparc,
WeTransform, lat/lon teams)
-Technological enablers of data infrastructures
-Sustaining research project results
-Partnership of SMEs in the geospatial domain

This where te words of thanks I spoke:

Honored to receive this award.
In Europe more than 99% of businesses are Sme.
I want to prove how open source and inspire can leverage economical growth in Europe.  So I want to accept this award in the name of OSGeo.
In OSGeo we have a saying: we as a community are not a democracy,  but a do-cracy.
So I took the initiative to work together with we transform and  lat-lon to make inspire fun and simple.
Thank you so much!


Entrepreneurial spirit

Just a small thought snippet about a blog I've read ….

I Founded a couple of companies, I bought a couple of companies, Merged a couple of companies – and I even sold one. Still surviving and happy with the things I’m doing.
The good thing is, I learned a lot from these experiences.

As reaction on the blog of Bruno Segers  he mention's from his experience the 5 basic principles for his new venture:
1. Not working on a payroll
2. Don't take the lead of a multinational organisation
3. Don't take the lead of a stock listed company
4. No company where unions are too strong represented
5. No politics.

Well I think I've done all that and the strange thing is. I don't see myself as a serial entrepreneur. I see myself as somebody who want to change the world (even glad with small mini-mini-mini- things I can contribute) and make other people happy. Doing small things, trying to create some impact.
This makes me happy and gives me a lot of energy.

No multinational organisations, but working with companies in other countries.
No payroll for those who take ownership and responsability
No Public listed stocks, but stakeholders you can talk to and give you the power and energy to go on
No unions, but people you can talk to as your own family, and empower them to believe in the story you have to tell
and of course – be open – be honest and respectful – no politics

The company I started with DFC Software Engineering 21 years ago still exists and is super valuable as a bespoke software specialist.

Also The spin-out I created from DFC (Geosparc) is even more valuable, and is after 6 years already bigger than DFC. Generating global revenue but with a strong focus on the European market.

Maybe we should spin-out a third company out of Geosparc Which will grow in 3 years towards a bigger company than Geosparc… 🙂


How Open Source and INSPIRE can be used as a tactical weapon for economical growth in Europe

What My presentation on INSPIRE-Geospatial World Forum 2015

When  25-29 May 2015, in Lisbon Congress Center, Portugal


Torsten Friebe (LatLon)

Giacomo Martirano (Epsilon-Italia)


Europe is well known for its broad network of SME's. In fact, more than 99% of all European businesses are SME's. The recognition that SME's are important for the successful deployment of a platform like INSPIRE is proven by projects such as SMESpire  and programs such as ARE3NA. This paper builds on the observation of Torsten Friebe (member of the technical commitee of the deegree project) and other OSGeo community members saying that still a lot of inefficiencies exist between the different projects from various administrations in different countries. Often the consequence of a “not invented here” syndrome. Currently there is no OSGeo project which provides a full INSPIRE compliant stack consisting out of INSPIRE View (INSPIRE VS TG WMS Profil und INSPIRE), Download (direct access WFS 2.0.0) and Discovery Service (CSW 2.0.2 ISO AP) implementations. On the other hand we challenge the experience of Giacomo Martirano, the project lead of the SMESpire project, an initiative to create a community of SME's building INSPIRE related solutions. During this presentation, Dirk Frigne (founder and spiritual father of the geomajas project  will combine these observations and lessons learned to point out some ideas and possibilities how to launch an ambitious initiative where Europe and here SME's can form a strong player on the global market to offer solutions for business needs world wide and to support tackling the ever increasing environmental challenges. These ideas are based on Dirk’s passion to create a great European software industry and his experience of founding an open source community and contributing to other technology projects with strong impact on the INSPIRE needs. As the hands-on person he is, the idea's presented here will be supported by first hand experience of setting up such an initiative, based on the co-operation of open source communities and a part of the SMESpire network.

Tree hits car @ linux hotel

My Toyota is fantastic

Being on a hacking event in Essen at the Linux hotel (fossgis) to work on OSGeo open source and preparing the next FOSSGIS conference, I put my luggage in my car at 9:01 exactly. I remember the exact time, because somebody called me at that right moment on my cell when he saw me walking with my luggage from within the hotel. I decided to leave my coat also in the car, since it wasn't raining anymore and there was no wind (like the night before).

After breakfast, the meeting started (foto).  Suddenly, people went into the room telling a tree has fallen down and one car was severely damaged. I am very lucky I was not in the car when it happened. It was as if the tree was waiting for the right moment to fall.

tree was not very good attached to the ground




Examining the tree, it seems that he was not very deeply attached into the soil. Only a small root into the ground for the stability. The tree was very old and I suppose rotten. (foto)

Unluckily, the tree had chosen my car as a target, right in the middle.

A branch of the tree pierced the front window, through the drivers seat, just to the bottom of the car.


Parking "nur für gäste" ….

The next tree

After removing the fallen tree, 2 other trees needed to be removed also.

After some hours I'm trying to have myself organized again and to get my mobility back, as I have a busy agenda next week.

Why I am Who I am

I have a passion.
I want to write software.

I share this passion with many other developers.
Actually, I developed software. For years. I wrote assembler programs for Z80 when the 'PC' was not yet invented. I developed computer games on HP41c to play at university with friends, and exchanged my software with other fellow students.
I was involved in community based activities – sharing and exchanging information with peers for programming in Machine code on the HP41c.

After finishing my university degree as an electrical engineer, with expertise on software development I started my professional career … as a software developer …
And I loved it.

I have a passion.
I want to write software.
A curious thing about writing software is that in many cases it is for global use.
So I went to my boss and told him we could/should develop software for the global market.

But the answer was short.

No way.

The risk was to high. As an European company, you should develop a solution for your local country. I speak 1990.
We were an Autodesk Authorized Developer at that time. The word alone …. 'Authorized'
We created some real great stuff. We talked to the core developers of Autodesk, until this was not possible/plausible any more due to Autodesk policy. We had to talk to more 'commercial' people. To Business people. They were interested in our business ideas, we wanted to share technical solutions. It was not fun.

So we created a community together with other 'Authorized Autodesk Developers' and we shared ideas and information.
ADGE: Autodesk developers group Europe. We came together trough-out Europe. And every 6 weeks there was a physical meeting in Basel (Switzerland).
It was a fun time.

At that time, I founded DFC Software Engineering.
Together with other SME's we managed to work together and compete against bigger companies in our local market.

One of the major problems of a software SME is the entrance to the market. As an 'Authorized Autodesk Developer', you are dependent on Autodesk. And they always needed more and more money, from their clients and from their developers. This was a hard time.

I have a passion.

I want to write software.
And I want to be independent.
But this was a very expensive choice.

I wrote software.
Software for Geo-Location Services.

Access to the data was also very expensive. We couldn't afford that as a small SME.
So we developed software for our clients who had access to their own data, or who could afford GeoData from market providers.

But the licenses for the basic technology became more and more expensive. And our added value was on op of this expensive licenses. So we started to create solutions based on open source technology.

We where users of the technology. At this time, we were not involved into the communities of the software we've used. But we were able to create great solutions and could compete on the market against much more bigger players.
DFC Software Engineering became a company of >10 persons (2004).

I had some idea's about my passion and how to develop it.
I wanted to write open source software.
For users to be able to create their own sort of 'google maps' front-end and back-end.


But I didn't write the code myself. I decided to hire others to do the writing.
I became the 'spiritual' father. It was an expensive hobby. But very passionate.

I discussed business models with many peers at that time.
Dries Buytaert (Drupal/Acquia) and Bruno Lowagie (Itext), but also Steven Noels, Karel Maesen, Raf Buyle, Jan De Moerloose, Rudy Frigne, Caroline Dewaele, Yanick Ingelbrechts and a couple of others.




I found an old photo of 2007 @DFC

on Flickr

Today we write software.

We can show references around the globe. A lot of them are behind a closed door, because the strength of the technology is not for processes into the open.

But more and more projects become public available:

ESA Landsat Portal (If you want to order a satellite image from the Landsat device)

Environmental check (press on '>omgevingscheck' to start the application)

Digital Building Permit (press on '>DOSSIER INDIENEN' to start the application)

Company information (Geo-relations between companies industry parcels, financial information, …)

to name only a couple of the applications realized by Geosparc.

More examples of other companies and people of the community can be found in the Geomajas Gallery