A happy 2015

As every new year, we start with good intentions. As in every year, these good intentions are not always realized.
My good intention is to write something I want to share on this Blog, at least once a month. So for this month I realized already my quorum.

This said, there are some other things I want to realize this year.
I want to work further at a networked organization, that is able to bring solutions to the market, based on open source technology, being supported by open source communities and working together as a virtual organisation under one umbrella.
I want to try and test if this model is an interesting business model for a region as Europe is, with all the different cultures, languages and entrepreneurs.

Of course I want to start this within the OSGeo community using GIS as a common technology.

Please feel free to comment on this post if you want to join this experiment.

Happy new year!