Dreiging van het klimaat / climate change hazard

[Ned] We zijn in de ban van de angst. De terreurdreiging heeft wereldwijd een enorme impact. Mag ik u er echter op wijzen dat de dreiging van het klimaat duizend keer ernstiger is? De opwarming van ons klimaat mag dan geen vuurwapen dragen, het is een enorm explosieve situatie. Eenmaal die 'bom' ontploft, is er geen weg terug. We zitten nu al op de limit, laten we er niet over gaan. Wees niet blind voor de grote uitdaging waarvoor we allen staan. De politici wereldwijd, maar ook u en ik, moeten dringend werk maken van de dreiging die onze hele maatschappij van de kaart kan vegen. Neen, ik heb niet niet over terroristen.

[Eng] We're paralysed by fear. The threat of terrorism has made a huge impact, worldwide. I wish to inform you that the threat of the climate change is a million times more pressing. Global warming might not carry a firearm, it's an enormous explosive situation nonetheless. Once that bomb drops, there's no way back. We're already at the limit, let's not push it anymore. Don't be blind for the big challenge we're all facing. Politicians worldwide, but also you and I, have to put the climate at the top of our agenda. We have to fight this threat that can wipe civilisation off the face of the planet. No, I'm not talking about terrorists.

– Jonas Van Maldeghem

Tree hits car @ linux hotel

My Toyota is fantastic

Being on a hacking event in Essen at the Linux hotel (fossgis) to work on OSGeo open source and preparing the next FOSSGIS conference, I put my luggage in my car at 9:01 exactly. I remember the exact time, because somebody called me at that right moment on my cell when he saw me walking with my luggage from within the hotel. I decided to leave my coat also in the car, since it wasn't raining anymore and there was no wind (like the night before).

After breakfast, the meeting started (foto).  Suddenly, people went into the room telling a tree has fallen down and one car was severely damaged. I am very lucky I was not in the car when it happened. It was as if the tree was waiting for the right moment to fall.

tree was not very good attached to the ground




Examining the tree, it seems that he was not very deeply attached into the soil. Only a small root into the ground for the stability. The tree was very old and I suppose rotten. (foto)

Unluckily, the tree had chosen my car as a target, right in the middle.

A branch of the tree pierced the front window, through the drivers seat, just to the bottom of the car.


Parking "nur für gäste" ….

The next tree

After removing the fallen tree, 2 other trees needed to be removed also.

After some hours I'm trying to have myself organized again and to get my mobility back, as I have a busy agenda next week.