A happy 2015

As every new year, we start with good intentions. As in every year, these good intentions are not always realized.
My good intention is to write something I want to share on this Blog, at least once a month. So for this month I realized already my quorum.

This said, there are some other things I want to realize this year.
I want to work further at a networked organization, that is able to bring solutions to the market, based on open source technology, being supported by open source communities and working together as a virtual organisation under one umbrella.
I want to try and test if this model is an interesting business model for a region as Europe is, with all the different cultures, languages and entrepreneurs.

Of course I want to start this within the OSGeo community using GIS as a common technology.

Please feel free to comment on this post if you want to join this experiment.

Happy new year!

6 thoughts on “A happy 2015

  1. Interesting point. We started also with these idea's in mind, but programming is often still necessary in most of the projects.

    We have however a desktopmanager, which does basically that sort of things … It has even a GUI which let you configure an application like this one: example



    • Hi Adrian,

      Your’e observation is correct, but how can we improve that?

      I am open for suggestions to make the community broader and involve more ethousiast people.



      • I don't know… Unleash the enthusiasts. The rest will come. There were some guys, out of the developers I think, in the recent past providing some step by steps on the mailinglist but the information vanished at some point with the new website. The pro's will join with the time.


        • Did you look at http://www.geomajas.org/client-gwt/2-2-0 ?

          The site is reorganised in the server part and the frontend part.

          The frontend technology is changing so fast that this makes sense. I think all the information is still there but reorganized. This should make it also more usable for developers.

          With the new implementation, it is possible to combine any client with  the backend, or even implement a Geomajas implementation without backend.

          It could be interesting to implement a frontend based on leaflet, or openlayers 3…

          An interesting way to start is to fork on GitHub.com/geomajas and start from there.

          • Dirk,
            We are playing in different leagues.
            I was pointing to those “enthusiasts” which :
            -have an application skeleton which can be rapidly deployed,
            -want to do basic operations which are more related to application configuration : add own layer (vector, raster), configure in some easy meanings the layout
            – etc…
            Let me quote from the website of an “geographically” neighboring application :
            The “—-” leverages these frameworks by providing high-level components and a convention to quickly assemble applications merely through configuration (“Look ma no programming”).
            Let me make myself clear. It’s not about “downgrading”. It’s not about the development road of Geomajas. It’s more related to communication strategy to attract people around it.

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