Charlie Hebdo est mort

Today, January 7th, France is shocked about a terroristic attack in Paris against Charlie Hebdo.
He died because he protected one of the most important assets we have:
Our freedom of speech.

I suggest to change the open source licenses in such a way, that the software under those licenses may never be used to support terroristic activities. (@: EUPL, GPL, AGPL, Apache, BSD, MIT, Mozilla, …)

2 thoughts on “Charlie Hebdo est mort

  1. Well understood. However, terrorist activities are prosecuted based on criminal law anyway. Would it add anything to cite terrorists (or their organisations?)  to appear at some civil court because of copyright infringement? Waste of time… One of the fundamental principle of all open source licences is to avoid fixing limits related to the type of use (commercial / non-commercial, ethic (?) etc.)

    • I agree with you! But it was also ment as humour. I think this is really the only weapon against that kind of behavior. And I think open source supports tollerance and respect for others, so this was my symbolic pen.

      Thank you for your valuable comment.


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